What makes this book different

Read to Me My Love is a book dedicated to the healing power of story. It shows that there is no easier way to reach out for a person’s heart than through reading aloud. By doing so, you tell somebody that they alone matter, that they have your full attention and that you care about their thoughts and opinions.

Reading aloud is the only story form that can convey personal intimacy and devotion in such a way.

Most media formats (including reading on one’s own) do not allow for interaction between two people. In this sense, Read to Me My Love differs from many books that celebrate the written word or reading in general. It does not try to tout the richness of human imagination or the superb literacy skills that can be taught to children by reading aloud; instead, it emphasizes that reading to somebody is an amazing way to spend quality time together – that an exchange of ideas and emotions can only take place through personal contact.

It’s not easy to read aloud to one another, especially when adults read to other adults. It takes concentration and determination to shut out the world of information and impulses that constantly bombard us. But this kind of focused attention can be an act that shows deep respect for another human being.

Particularly during Christmas time, the desire to create the “perfect moment” or “perfect surroundings” can become an “agenda” that actually moves us further away from meeting our need to slow down and simply be together.

Read to Me My Love is a reminder and encouragement to simply grab a book – any book – and start on a personal journey together by reading aloud with someone you love.